This is what we do: Information point Work in NL Helmond-De Peel (video)

In the Helmond-De Peel labor market region we work on talent development at all levels. We do this with various partners and for different target groups. In a series of six videos - under the title 'Working Together Doing Together' - we show how close cooperation is expressed in practice. For example, we have started organizing the Work in NL Helmond-De Peel information point for our (new) residents from Poland and Romania. Key players include LEV Group, the Polish and Romanian communities and employers from the region.

Information point Work in NL Helmond-De Peel is a pilot project that is made possible by the Province of Brabant. Preparations for this started in 2023. Get to know what we, as a labor market region, organize for (new) residents from Poland and Romania and for those employers who work (or want to work) with international talent.


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